Cooking Fever Suggestions, Tricks & Strategy Guidebook

It is time to travel the entire world and cook up every dish you can think of in Cooking Fever! Cooking Fever is an addictive time-management game that also tests your reflexes and how well you perform under pressure. Don’t lose your cool however, as we’re here to help you maintain the best restaurant ever with cooking fever hack mod, hints and tricks strategy guide!

Ready to cook?


You do not actually have to be concerned about the drinks for this since they refill on their own, but because of the true food items you should always have them prepared and ready to go. Initially you’ll only have one slot for a hamburger and your hot dogs, so you must always attempt to have one sitting out.

2. Buy the time discount upgrades first!

The upgrades that decrease preparation/cooking times will be the ones that you want to purchase first, like the Cola Dispenser, the Burger Fry Pan and the Hot Dog Grilling pan. These decrease the amount of time that you want to wait for the cola to pour or for the meals to cook, which will become a massive help if you get swamped with folks in the future.
3. Leave cash on the desk to slow things down!

We discovered a neat little trick: when there is any moment in which you feel like you’re too many clients coming in and you can not prepare enough food to stay up with them, do not collect the cash a client leaves behind once you serve them. When money is left on the counter, new clients can not take up that space. Utilize this time to give yourself some breathing room and prepare a batch of meals for another wave!

4. Buy some interior decorations to keep your clients contented!

Aside from kitchen upgrades, you can even purchase interior upgrades that give you passive bonuses to several factors.

Additional clients. This affects how many clients you will see in the day.
Customer waiting period. This affects how long your clients are willing to wait before they leave the restaurant.
Tip amount. This raises the tip level your clients give you.
Tip time improved. This raises the window of serving time in which a client is willing to deceive you.
We propose maxing out the time discount kitchen upgrades first and foremost, as suggested previously, then moving upgrading your restaurant’s interior.

5. Level up to obtain gems!

You may obtain gems naturally as you advance through the game, as you are rewarded with around 1-5 gems each time you level up. Don’t be concerned about spending real money to get them, just continue playing the game!